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Why should we know more about Womb Healing?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

More and more Women are finding their voice to speak about their challenges . We are becoming more aware of where we are coming from, and this way we know how to work better with our ancestral trauma and patterns.

The womb holds memories of all our ancestral patterns, programmations, trauma as well as the blessings. For many of us we came here to clear those karmic patterns with understanding and clarification.

For some to carry life to this world changing our DNA with Awareness and gratefulness so our children don't have to go threw the same challenges.

I have been feeling the call to bring women together to speak of the wisdom of the womb. To connect deeply with this portal to our intuition, this tribal inner voice that we feel threw the raddom of the earth heart beats.

To go deep into the intelligence of the womb portal.

It’s time to lesson, feel and care for each other, together we can bring more energy, this power of manifestation.

Allowing the fire within each other to shine brighter and stronger to connect deeper with our desires and power to create.

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