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Bufo Sacred Medicine Journey

Bufo Sacred Medicine Journey


It occurs naturally in the Bufo Alvarius toad, also called Sonorian Desert toad or Colorado River toad, which can be found in northern Mexico and the southwestern US.


It’s the toad’s venom that contains the 5-meO-DMT. It can be extracted by gently squeezing the toad’s glands — if done properly, this doesn’t harm the toad. Once extracted, the secretion is pulverized and smoked through a glass pipe.


The journey starts within seconds of the inhale and predictably produces a mystical experience that lasts on average 20 minutes per round. People frequently report “meeting god” or, in other words, experiencing “pure cosmic consciousness”. A single 5-meO-DMT session has been shown to promote neurogensis, but overall research is still scarce.

The toad became more well-known when boxing legend Mike Tyson talked about it on The Joe Rogan Experience:


Bufo comes from a toad that secrets a liquid substance out of a gland on its spine. That liquid substance is 5meoDMT - the most powerful psychedelic known. It’s incredibly healing and takes you back “home” to source, the universe, god, whatever you want to call “it.” It shows you what you need to see for greater healing and guidance very potently and directly.


The substance, 5meoDMT, is released two times in our life. Once when we are born we are flooded with it & the second time, when we leave our physical body (ie when we die). So this medicine is known as the spirit molecule. It naturally lives within us and is said to be our spiritual connection to the divine.


It helps give resolution of the past, integration of life lessons, clarity, and direction, purpose and greater meaning, deeper connection to oneself, trauma healing, ptsd healing, depression, anxiety, the list goes on and on. Whether or not If you have a clear intention, this medicine will support your growth and evolution as a human walking with grace while on earth.


There are a few qualifiers to make sure you’re an appropriate candidate for this medicine to ensure your well-being and safety.


I can go over those questions when you’re ready over a call or I’d be happy to have you over for a tea and chat


I’ll show you how to take the medicine. It is smoked. You will inhale the smoke and hold it in as long as you can.


Then you’ll lay down and the journey begins.


It lasts about 20 minutes. Sometimes for very sensitive people up to 30 minutes. And you can receive the medicine up to 4 times, maximum.


Afterwards we talk to help integrate the experience.


It’s just us, a private 1:1 ceremony. And the total time for the ceremony is about 3 hours.


  • 30-45 minutes of conversation and intention setting, meditation and prayer.

  • Up to 2-3 hours of your medicine journey.

  • 30-45 minutes of post integration chat and fruit




In preparation for ceremony, start to slowly let go of stimulants. If you drink coffee, please reduce your coffee consumption by 50% 3 days before the ceremony.


The day before ceremony avoid cacao and caffeine (teas have caffeine!) no tobacco smoking.


The day of the ceremony, no tea, no coffee, no matcha, nothing with caffeine or stimulating effects.



  • To prepare be vegetarian or vegan for 3 days prior. Eat light. Soups, fruits, reduce your carbohydrates intake. More greens, juices, coconut water, etc. think the lighter the better 👌🏼


Day of:

  • Juice fast or soup or fruit. Nothing, no food or drink 3-4 hours before ceremony.

  • If the ceremony is in the morning fast only liquids from previous evening sunset time.

  • If the ceremony is in the evening, breakfast is okay, but nothing afterwards. No solid food 6 hours before ceremony.

  • From sunset stay on liquids, come to ceremony empty but not weak!



Leading up to the ceremony…

  • Aim to commit to daily yoga, meditation, and/or prayer practices for at least 3 days before, but ideally one week before your ceremony. (If timing doesn’t allow for this, it’s okay - this is just the ideal)


Other notes:

The day of the journey…

  • Make sure your nails are not sharp

  • Avoid wearing strong scents & strong fragrances

  • Wear comfortable, breathable, relaxed clothing

  • No necklaces, bracelets, or jewlery

  • Feel free to bring special altar items with you if you’d like to 🥰🙏🏼✨



~~~~~~~~~~~ 𓆃



Integration (post-ceremony):


Please aim to commit to doing nothing stressful for 1-3 days after your ceremony to allow for peaceful integration of the experience. Ideally, No work. No stress. Be in nature. Go to the spa. Take time for you.


Some recommendations:

  • Eat your favorite most desired meal

  • Clear your schedule for 24-72 hours

  • If you have headache like symptoms get acupuncture 

  • Be in nature

  • Paint / art therapy

  • Dance / sing

  • Journal

  • Get a massage



  • I understand travel schedules might not allow for this. Again, this is just the ideal. 

  • However, if you have spaciousness in your schedule to relax and move slowly for integration, this is preferred.



~~~~~~~~~~~ 𓆃



Somatic Herbalism consultation & Numerology Report:


As part of your ceremony, you get one free 90 minute counseling session to support your integration. You can use this anytime you need 🙏🏼💕🫶🏼✨


To further support your integration process, please send me your birth date month, day, and year… so I can do a numerology reading for you


Buffo Journey start at 350 $ + depending on how many  serving necessary of medicine and how long it take. The full healing Medicine Journey can take up to 4 hours. Usually a full Journey will be around 650$  for 3 servings of medicine, integrations, Reiki Healing energy and massage adjustment if necessary.

add on a 1h30 min Massage energy healing with or after Medicine Journey 150$

or 2 hrs 190$


Accomodation 100$+ per night

Meals 20$+


Private Sweat Lodge 200$

New Moon/Full moon  group  Sweat Lodge Temazcal 30$+


Location Salt Spring Island

For more info. or booking email Asaya @

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