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Tropical Leaves

Herbal Medicine Journey and Somatic Herbalism Consultation with Medicine Women Asaya 


Asaya offers a heart to heart Herbal Consultation using single drop dose herbal tincture to help you find peace within yourself. Find your truth, feel more clarity walking on your path and connect deep inside your heart. 

In a custom consultation, Asaya offers a space for you to express your self and reflect allowing one to find emotional support from plant medicine. After the consultation, you will be made a custom made tincture (extra fees price depending on the herbs) to support you in your path emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Asaya specializes in finding the imbalance and offers support with Plant Medicine, Reiki, Massage and other rituals. 


Imbalance can be experience as addictions, depression, suppression, lost of desire, anxiety, sleep deficiency, feeling sluggish, and digestion issues…. By finding the imbalance in your life style, food, relationship with yourself and others you could experience more abundance and love, increased personal power, feeling of being at ease, and making choices from a more centred place. 

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