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Spring Cleansing rituals

Spring is just around the corner. Outside we can already see the blossom of the trees, and tulips bursting out from the green vitality hidden under a light crispy snow . This time of the year where the Bear come out from a deep introspection starting to smell around to find the roots medicine. The deer nibbling on the tips of the trees. It’s a time I found myself starting to desire more greens in my diet, the winter garden has left some kale and slowly the Nettle is the first medicinal plant coming out to purify our blood in March by helping the liver, the kidneys, and the lymph carry metabolic waste out of the body. Other root medicine use for deep emotional cleanse in our laughs. Thats why some time we get sick in the spring it’s cause by the warm weather moving the excess dampness in our body so Why not helping the body with cleansing teas.

I found spring a time where my body naturally wants to cleanse. Removing the Excesses fat that kept me warm thew the winter welcoming desire for warm bitter teas. Yesterday I made this little regimen for my self to start unwind the sugars and heavy carbs replacing my diet with miummy fresh produces keeping the warms and the cool in balance for my digestion to relive any toxin accumulated thew the winter in my body.

Here is a little tea blend I will be drinking 3 x a day for the next 3 weeks with an Ayurvedic Food Therapy diet in mind.

Bitterness stimulates the liver, the heat stimulates the circulation, and the aromatic quality opens and engages the mind and the senses.

If you like some assistance on designing a proper cleanse or medicine tea for your condition emotionally and physically I can assist. I would love to help you find the proper diet and herbal blend for purifying your inner stagnant water or bringing motion to your emotions. Cause cleansing the toxin can also be a clearing the emotions. Emotions, particularly grief, tend to settle into the watery places in the body, especially the lungs and the fascia.

“When grief has lingered longer, stronger medicines are needed. Most are roots that grow in damp places: Angelica, Elecampane, Eastern and Western Skunk Cabbage. They clear the grief held in the lungs and open the airways to allow the breath of life to enter again. Black Cohosh helps to ease this kind of stagnant depression by allowing the cerebrospinal fluid to detoxify the brain—when we stew in the same old neurotransmitters we stew in the same old emotions. Calamus relights the fire of expression, allowing us to burn through the fog and give voice to the deepest truths that rise up through us.

The folk medicine of disparate cultures throughout the world’s northern latitudes long recognized the need to move the inner waters during the transitions between the dark and bright times of the year.” Words from Seán Pádraig O'Donoghue

Full Moon Harvest Cleanse Tea

Ingredients: Burdock Roots, Nettle, Purple cleaver, Ginger, Dandelion leaves and roots, Horsetail, Peppermint, Liquorice, Calendula, Rose hips, Purple Cleaver, Dandelion roots leaves, Buchu leaf and Nettle leaves.

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