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massage & Energy Clearing

Recalibrate the energy of the body


Asaya's Healing Ritual is composed of Massage & Reiki and Herbal Medicine. 



Asaya offers a combination of different modes of healing. Her healing rituals are composed of a combination of Balinese and Thai massage with Reiki,  as well as herbal medicine, and Ayurvedic Food Therapy principals to help balance the energetic body. Her energy healing knowledge has been passed on from medicine men and women from powerful healing destinations like Guatemala, Mexico Thailand and Bali. Asaya then designs the experience according to what your body needs using a melody of different healing modality.



Thai Massage:

It is performed with the client comfortably clothed on a special mat. Thai Massage consists of a series of interactive, flowing movements, stretches and rhythmic massage, along the body's energy lines and pressure points. This often deeply meditative experience can result in a profound release from mental and physical stress. 

Benefits of this massage include: harmonize and balance the flow of energy throughout the body release from mental and physical stress, deep meditative experiences, assisted yoga postures for deep release



Balinese Massage:

Expect a combination of gentle stretching, skin rolling, kneading, stroking, and pressure-point stimulation to stimulate the flow of blood, lymph and energy. 

The Balinese massage emphasizes sliding motions with heel of hands, palms and thumb pressure. 






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