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HeArt of RoseTincture



Manuka Rose

Mezcal 40% Alc


Rose is the Queen of medicine of the heart, including the emotional heart. Rose helps mend those places we feel broken, inflamed, or longing for love.

Really helful for Grief


Herbal medicines given at minute doses can instigate profound shifts in our sensory and emotional experiences. Indeed, to some extent, small “energetic” or “spirit” doses of herbs are most effective at instigating such shifts, because, with a few exceptions, they tend to be below the threshold of pharmacological activity and hence do not bring direct stimulation or sedation of particular organ functions. If you have felt a drop of Rose tincture soften and open your heart— and perhaps bring on tears—then you have experienced this phenomenon.

Our nervous and endocrine systems evolved responding to minute phytochemical inputs in the air our ancestors breathed, the water they drank, the brush of leaf and petal against their skin. We can replicate those exposures with drop doses of tinctures (as well as with having people spend time in the presence of aromatic herbs). The very fact that we innately recognize that these are the chemical and electromagnetic touch of other life forms, wild kindred, increases the salience of those experiences. When we cannot bring people to the forest, we can bring something of the forest to them.


Use 1 to 5 Drops up to 4 time per day as needed


HeArt of RoseTincture

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