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Blissful Nervine


Come hOMe Tincture


Black Cohosh 

Cimicifuga racemosa:


Formula:  Black cohosh Roots and apple cider vinegar


Black cohosh:


Relax tension, bring you into your center & flow energy along the spinal column. 

Black Cohosh helps to ease this kind of stagnant depression by allowing the cerebrospinal fluid to detoxify the brain—when we stew in the same old neurotransmitters we stew in the same old emotions


The tightness and heaviness in her chest further released with Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), which can bring tears of relief and release.


Black Cohosh is a plant with dark, gnarled, twisted roots that give rise to a tall stalk topped with a spray of white flowers. It is native to Appalachia and is threatened by overharvesting in its native habitat, so please seek Black Cohosh from growers who cultivate it, or, better yet, if you live somewhere where it will thrive, grow it yourself.

Black Cohosh is indicated when someone is in despair, brooding over loss and pain and worry, with grief hanging over them like the proverbial black cloud. There is often tension and dull ache in the trapezius, a hunched-over posture, and a heavy feeling in the chest. These people will also have a tendency to take on other people’s grief.

I think of the spray of white flowers, high above the gnarled root, as the stars that show the way up out of the abyss—or at least bring the reminder that there is a world beyond the well. The well of grief can be an important place to spend time. In Irish tradition, all the rivers and streams of the world have their root in a well in the Otherworld beneath our feet—the place of all beginnings and endings. To me, the well of deep grief is that same well, and, awash in its waters, we release the meanings the world held before and prepare ourselves to create new meaning as we relate to the world in a new way. But eventually we need to return to the world. And I have found Black Cohosh helps to shift the stagnant emotions that are weighing me down and help me

see the starry sky. This reminds me that the iron in my blood and the iron at the core of the earth were forged together in the first generation of stars, that I am connected with everything.

Many contemporary herbalists speak of Black Cohosh as working on estrogen levels through various proposed mechanisms that shift and change as each model becomes outdated. They presume that the depression Black Cohosh treats is associated with estrogen levels, pointing to the greater prevalence of this kind of brooding depression before menstruation, the role of Black Cohosh in easing menstrual pain and in bringing on delayed menstruation, and anecdotal evidence that this kind of depression is most common in women. But I have used Black Cohosh to ease this kind of depression in people of all genders and with all kinds of hormonal profiles. If brooding depression is most prevalent among women, it may be because our society asks women to take on the responsibility for other people’s emotions—especially those of men. And Black Cohosh’s role in bringing on menstruation can be explained as much through its action on nerves, muscles, fascia, and fluids as it can by a hormonal model of its action. ( Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue)



1:1 45% sca 

also available with Mezcale 40%alc for 50$

Black Cohosh Roots , Come hOMe Tincture

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