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Updated: Jan 25, 2023

How to heal symptoms of Covid’s and influenza with Elecampane and other plants allies.

New moon Elecampane Harvest kinda day!! ✨

This special harvest can only be gathered every 2 years. This one is 3rd year roots from Nevada city. (bi-annual plants.) Roots medicine are best harvest in New Moon in the spring or fall cause the energy is in the earth during New Moon and in the Leaf stem flowers and leaves during Full moon. The energy is grounded in the earth well the plants is not in bloom so in dormant season like today in Nevada City the weather is already springny, so perfect New Moon for a root medicine harvest.

I Will be transplanting a small part of it to my new garden.

Elecampane is a plant with a long history use for protection and finding love. Is an ally if you feel yourself torn between worlds, note quite fitting, or struggling to be seeing the most authentic self. Elecampane can help center your hearten your body, your actions during a transition, or in a moment when you simply feel unseen or misperceived . Elecampane is an ally if you wonder where you belong and how to arrive there safely. Will help you in purging the fears, decay, muck and debris that can build up inside when we are not able to fully express ourself.

My teacher Seán Pádraig O'Donoghue said it’s one of the best for emotions to flow in motion if high kapha in laughs. Really good for tight chest during Covid virus or influenza to heal yellow green mucous, bacterial infections.

I Made some steam extraction honey and apple cider fresh tincture maceration extraction. Im Playing around with different ingredients and transformation. That way I can feel what works best. All plants are different so I like to try many different extraction. Honey is great for children cold and flu.

For Anti bacterial infection .

Use: (for thick mucous):

1 full dropper of tincture 1:1 every 2 hrs…

Also can be use with a tincture blend of Hawthorn flower and berry for thick leathery mucus membrane to blow down effect of blood vessel tension.

Cause covid is a vascular disease. Elecampane can help respiratory symptoms the effect blood vessel in respiratory systems with a viso dilator formula:

Tincture 1:1 Could be use 3x per day or as needed:

Hawthorn 2x

black cohosh 1x

yarrow 1x

lobelia 1x

Message me for A CUSTOM order of this formula

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