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Spirit hitch hiker

With the amouth of "medicine" going around with the festival season back this year I witness and experience the imbalance of being around peoples in deep disassociation and what traditionally we would call posses by spirit hitch hiker. It’s time to pay attention some more on those psychedelic portal open with poor intention. Things can get dangerous if portal get open not for the highest good of all, and what about asking the mother first? Honouring the resource of The feminine instead of over indulging?

Traditionally community would have a medicine person highly respected that would lead the one into journey in safe space to reach knowledge that will access and share for the highest good of the whole community. You can keep putting drugs up you your ass hole and disassociating on K or Dmt on the dance floor but I personally don’t feel safe to spend time around peoples who take such a risk. Time to wake up!! Cause if you’re not in your body what is?

I recommend a spiritual cleanse and protection herbs to be use if you been leaving in drama lately. Spirits love drama. Wood Bethony to bring consciousness in the body so other spirit can’t get in. Its been traditionally use has a exorcissem herbs. I just made a few tinctures if you need I would be happy to ship it.

I have to say I feel really disturbed about what is been going down in some psychaunotre community this year. Women being disrespected and lie to, womb attacked by spirits. Huge disrespect to the life giver, leaving women feeling unsafe and traumatize. And the only thing we witness is brothers pumping each other ego about feeding off one sanity with complete lack of integrity and compassion. I have to say some serious intervention needs to happen before a sister try to kill herself again. Keep your brothers and sisters close. If you see your friend going in trauma response maybe it’s an opportunity for you to hold space care, lesson and nurture her so she can feel safe instead of judging her off the island.

Women are more and more finding their voice about those wounding behaviour, and releasing deep ancestral trauma. Take time to lesson and care, cause you carry some behaviour from the patriarchal trauma as well. The womb hold a lot for the family and from the memories of all our ancestral trauma as well as the blessings. For many of us we came here to clear that to hopefully carry life to this world changing our DnA with great fullness so our children don’t have to go threw the same trauma.

They’re a difference between having a penis or a vergina. Emotions are held in our hips.

So if your going around picking up other women unresolved karmic pain with intercourse and carrying on acting the pattern and the lies of you masculine lineage and bringing it back to your partner womb don’t be shock if she gets very emotional. And be mature enough to hold that space for her. That should be a part of the honouring of entering a woman womb. Especially for the one who have Scorpio in their chart. We clear and purify for the communal it’s part of our work but we should be ask first and told if other women you been connecting with so we know why we are going nuts or why our body is breaking on a yeast infection or for some harpies. There is ways to work with the elements to allow such a clearing.

Be mindful of what you attaching to this golden tread that your mother and father has held down to you hopefully with honour and respect and maybe they’re deep work to do there, that’s why knowing where we come from and what we are working with in our ancestral lineage is important for our growth.

Be humble caring respectful being when it come to sexuality cause it can be very traumatizing to the womb. If the womb don’t feel safe it’s hard for one to ground and be in service to the purpose of what they came here to do. And this is a mirror reflection to you as well.

If someone speak up about physical abuse in the community lesson cause you don’t know what happen into peoples home and for you to think ; no this brother or sister would never do that and assume the shocked one is just lying is completely re traumatizing on it’s own way.

A lots of peoples come from abusive home and some how they carry those pattern in a certain level. And yes being a victim and feeling unsafe and staying in a relationship in silence is also a pattern being past on and very hard to brake when you think that maybe your great grand mother was bought at the market and did not have the choice of who they love. Some of those pattern is been carry on all the way to your grand parents or parents. And breaking true that can come with a trauma response and it’s not pretty when it brakes. It's nice to work with Somatic Therapist to help break threw those pattern or ask an extra person to be there to open conversation between partner when recognizing the past on trauma. It's something you can do on your own as well with a Somatic Therapist.

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