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Self Love

A Mysterious plant

6 months ago, I started to work with this tincture I make. It' s call Self Love Tincture.

Torny medicine for clear boundaries, Rose for the heart, Damiana to feel more and Oplopanax Oridulus horridus. A mysterious plant, the one truth medicine. (Devils Club) its been call this way by the settelers trying to make ways into this new land. Its a plant that grow where the soils is been disturbed. Ground slide, train track and rivers. His big leave create shade keeping the ground renewing its self for the earth to become richer.

After starting to use this plant I started having nightmares . Was intense to see clearly what my subconscious , my psychic ability knew giving me the warning of what was happening and what was about to occur. This strong voice spirit showing me the truth. In the day light I was confronting the truth, asking for answers to the one involved in this entanglement from the visions in my dreams. Shortly after that I gat to know the truth and the nightmare became real. All along I was being lie at, disrespected, my womb was feeling unsafe, the molecules in my body asking to stop this relation that was hurting me. The pain the trauma the deep wound of this person I choose to share my life with making me feel unsafe.

The body spoke…My voice gat louder I was able to get more strength to speak my truth even tho I was so disconnected from myself fuged by the lies. Those molecules that i did not want in my womb… my body knew… The plants kept shifting things for me to find myself, to find my strength. To know my truth in this disturbance and for once be respected in that truth, those clear boundaries i had created for myself. Feeling stronger to face that one truth.

My teacher said he does not give this plant to peoples if they are not grounded and ready to do the deep work. I was definitely not grounded , I was away from family and friends leaving with the unwanted molecules …

Thanks to the Oplopanax horridus for the deep signal and guidance, and for guiding me back home. The first plant spirit that called me back to collect her at my arrival in Canada: Oplopanax horridus , its original name is Geeth N Jaw. It’s a Coast Salish Ceremonial plant.

I sat alone with her heart on my birthday near the magic water , the hotspring on the Coast Salish territory. I humbly pray and ask permission to the land and also I was drove there by a First Nation men who I ask permission for this harvest. The presence of this plant is always interesting. I lessoned and harvested the one who wanted to come with me. Sat and shaved it for hours in deep prayers and thought. Yesterday I bottle that harvest. Try If you dare to leave in your truth.

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