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Leaving an abusive relationship can be so hard

Seeing the light in the eyes and confidence disappearing. Women been receiving the abuse verbally from their men coming home for 100”s of years. Something goes wrong and they receive the load. Fearing the next morning waking up to someone that may attack mentally. Trying to help them heal knowing that we deserve so much better. Will give him one more chance cause I deserve to be treated right. Violence continuing house being trash, things broken, fear of leaving and darkness setting into the inner glow, not recognizing the self when looking into the mirror. Must be a healing chrysis I will stay to help him…. All those tough coming to existence cause I deserve it… Asking the person to leave but space being disrespected, womb disrespected. Nightmare setting into the night and days. Spirit trying to pull me out of this continuing night mare. I never thought I will be weak enough to stay. Me?? Im so strong. Im such a good person why ? After such a period the body is been accumulating tension, stress, heaviness, Nerve trauma start to loop into existence.

Last week I died inside and had to learn to re exist. Healing my womb from all the lies. Having to talk to my womb and let her know she is safe. But it take some time. Being a herbalist I have the knowledge how to heal my womb and my nervous system. Been working with different nervine Tincture to stop the loop of the story playing in my head, talking to my body and bringing back the good vibration in with self love. It took me a week to feel like I wanna live. Not everyone has the tool to work true this. Im very grateful for this experience that teach me more compassion for victim incident that cause trauma to the body. Having to focus on things and relationship that are meaningful to me to level up my dopamine and seratonine level and assistance with tincture. Thanks for all the love and friends who been supporting me true this re experiencing the looping story and pain over and over… Nature and cedar bath every day to cleanse the residu . Smudging my womb and heart continually. Psylocibine Cacao ceremony to release the emotion and heaviness pressing upon me. Keeping my home clean just like my inner temple. Making love to myself the way I wish to worship sending healing prayers to my mind, body and soul. Tinctures to calm my nerve 3 time a day. Time will heal and I already feel better and better everyday. This feeling of safety re entering my body. I start to earring my inner voice again. Trusting in my self and my intuition. Tuning in to my own divinity inside my womb. She knows my power of creation and from this place of peace and feeling safe I can create again. I think trauma come back into our life to learn forgiveness for the past child trauma. They’re a reason why we replay the story. When the poison went in its need to get out. Forgiveness take time and communication. Trying every possible way to be heard. Changing the story with understanding. Learning to Dance again and finding the energy to be little by little. Being ok with the slow process. Take time. Im moving on stronger with more compassion to know how to help others in similar experience. Please reach out if you been experiencing nerve trauma. I can help. Free Herbal consultation on line.

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