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Explore the roots of imbalances In a Somatic Herbalism consultation with Asaya

Somatic Herbalism session online with Asaya: Offering a space for you to express yourself and reflect on your journey. She will help you explore the roots of imbalances such as grief, fear, addiction, fatigue, sleep disruptions, low libido, hormonal and digestive issues. Together, you will explore lifestyle changes, rituals, and plant medicines that can help you experience more abundance, love, peace, and personal power so you can make choices from a more centered place.

Asaya approaches healing using Ayurvedic principle and believes that “You have to feel it if you want to heal it. : She can help you understand the potent power of plant medicine for spiritual, emotional and physical healing through moving with the motion and opening up the the truth in your heart.

Somatic Herbalist, Mystical Dancer, Medicine Woman Spirit Helper, Moon Dancer and and is an initiate of Sweat Lodge traditions from the Coast Salish First Nation of Canada and Temazcal from the Nawat Nation of Mexico. She has been travelling the world following her passion to help her community with Vibrational medicine, learning and sharing different way to awaken and reconnect to the source learning from different traditions. She is constantly learning from the plant world, following her passion for Herbal medicine, Ceremony and Ritual, Massage and Energy healing. She has been traveling for over 17 years. learning wildcraft and natural medicine from men and women all around the world. Asaya has been following her passion to help her community with Vibrational medicine. She was trained in the Mayan tradition in Guatemala, studying with Nana Marina. She also draws from her experiences learning about Cacao with Keith Wilson, learning Tantra Sex Magic with Dr Bill, and taking part Mystical Dance Tantra teacher training at Agama. She also studied herbal Medicine and Ayurveda at Pacific Rim College and in continues to work closely with her herbal teacher, Seán Pádraig O'Donoghue .

"Our ancestors drew health, strength, nourishment, and meaning from their relationship to the natural world, and yet today most of us have lost that vital connection. It should then come as no surprise that we are living in an age of unprecedented anxiety, depression, loneliness, and illness.”

“ Our bodies, minds, and spirits have become unbalanced in an unbalanced world Plants are our wild kindred and have the power to connect us with the life within and around us.” Above quotes are the words of Seán Pádraig O'Donoghue

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