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Coming to Alignment with Ceremony Rituals

I been sharing Cacao Ceremony and I wanted to explain with you the deep process that this medicine and type of rituals can offer. When we experience trauma we feel like struggle to feel clear and function in the society, going true a deep depression, or experiencing confusion and lack or purpose, misalignment . Often cause they’re some emotion trap in our body leaving us feeling disconnected. If those feeling or not express or released from our body and replace with good vibrations it can turn into illness.

Entering this rituals we ask the Elder of the area for permission to open a ritual on the land where ancestors been buried, paying respect for for the path that they have built before us. It’s important to have been taught and have spend time helping and learning from our elder, medicine Man/ Woman to offer this type of rituals. Some peoples spend a minimum of 4 years doing sun dance or Moon dance (for woman) to be granted the skills and connection to the source to understand the process and to connect deeply with the power of the elements. Their certain way of doing rituals that been used for 1000’s of years and they are still being use today for a reason. For me using fire or my Copalero is a very important element to protect my peoples using medicine. And so has using the all elements. This is why when we open a ritual we call in the 4 elements. We call in upon their power to give thanks for what their offer.

*East Air: the breath, the deeper we breath the deeper we feel that make us realize that we have to make the right decision to keep our air clean. Using medicine that we burn like copal, saje, cedar.. to send away true the smoke the unwanted energy from the space and body to keep ourself safe. Asking the spirit of eagle to complete the process.

*South Fire, The sun ,the power of transmutation, transformation, this is where we send the unwanted energy, emotions, entity, spirit that we may carry to burn away. The sun is the light, keeping us bright and clear.

*Earth, giving thanks for dancing on the land, every step is a prayer, giving thanks for the abundance of good food, medicinal plants and tree that feed us to leave. Earth Where everything regenerate it self. The power of grounding to be more present. You can help landing a person that have not been present in their body using this element. Sometime we lose our ground from trauma witch keep us in our mind, sending us into the cloud cause the reality can be hard the see and feel.

* Water grand mother moon, the power of purification. A reminder to always honour the waters within and around us. We are made of water, if our water is not clean our mind spirit and body is not clear.

Here is a reminder of the teaching that is been past on from my elder. I been doing moon dance for 6 years now. Like a sorceress using the source I understand how to use the elements to help you heal. The medicine of cacao, fungi and herbal blend helps to bring you to the vision and feeling that help you see and feel what needs to be let go, process. We try as much as possible to stay in silence no words for a big part of the ceremony to help feel and express with dance, sound, scream, giggles what ever needs to come up and to be released from the emotional body. Sometime the body will experience a purge releasing the toxins from the body leaving us clearer in our mind and digestions helping us digest our emotions. When our digestions is not functioning well our mind is cloudy so it can be experience in a physical illness.

So not to say you shouldn’t take medicine recreatively, but if you do it well, with a guide the unwanted spirit that are being released get send back to the fire so it no longer wonder around in this world. The opening and closing of the ceremony is has important, closing the door behind you, asking the spirits, entity to find their way home to the light if they have been lost and attach to you, influencing your actions.

When you open yourself to disassociating medicine like DMT etc.. be careful where and how you use these medicine. I personally will never use those medicine/drugs at festival. When an individual use those drugs without a good intention and reverence to the land and the spirit around you it could leave you addicted unclear or confuse. If one doesn’t have a good spiritual practice to protect their aura and using medicine/drugs to often it can weaken your protection (aura). Im very grateful for my soul, and everything that it carry and remember from the life I have leave before. If you have any questions or are curious about these rituals. Please ask me, you can offer me tobacco to ask me questions. If you need a brush off , some clearing and alignment in your life. Please come to ceremony to remember the power of prayer and intention. That could help you being more present, find purpose, connect with your higher self, guides, ancestor and Ascendent Master. Bringing you tool to stay clear and in alignment


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