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How to heal dark Circle under your eyes and get back into health with Somatic Herbalism.

I bean Studying Somatic Herbalism for a few years with my Teacher Seán O'Donoghue. It’s been a beautiful healing restorative time for me. And I found passion into learning how to help others that may suffer from depression and different imbalances and illnesses. Yesterday I was learning about Adrenal Fatigue/ Endocrine system crash and healing with Adaptogens. He said a good way to know that we are run down is looking at the dark circle under our eyes. If it’s the 1/4 dark circle: 3 months of recovery needed, 1/2 circle 6 months, 3/4 9 months. Full under dark circle could be needing a full year recovery. Most of us are addicted to coffee , we can’t function without it. It’s actually a sign that our endocrine system is run down. If we keep pushing and not resting it eventually can cause Auto Immune diseases, chronic Pain, Infections… A dysregulation of our Mitochondria cells. Mitochondria are membrane-bound cell organelles that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell's biochemical. Our inner fire. It can happen to most of us who are by instinct givers. When we keep giving without getting our own cup re filled. It first show in our blood and on our organs over time. If we find the imbalance in our blood level it helps us not have disease.

Some time after we feel run down we get back to our physical activities, and crash again and again. That’s one way to know we experiencing an irregulation.

A proper diet, herbal medicine and supplement as well are necessary. Rebuilding our energy by lessening to our body and getting as much rest as we need will avoid us to have to step back and crash over and over. It’s like the falling tower. This time where we are offer a time of reflection to go inwards. I been really feeling that this year. An opportunity to redefine who I am in the world, this is like a jump start for the Neurobiology. Restoration at the end of the day tracks emotions. Everyday you have the energy to expand. And it’s not the same everyday, an opportunity to lesson to our body. All decisions making require Dopamine. Dopamine helps us engage the things we find rewarding

If you like to learn more about different herbal medicine that can help you increase your level of Dopamine and heal your Adrenal fatigue. Please reach out I would love to give you a Somatic consultation to help getting you back up to health. For consultation please msg me at

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