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Get a diagnosis from the doctor and then Consult a herbalist for medication.

There many ways to treat depression and anxiety (imbalance) with herbs. Anti anxiety drugs are very dangerous to get off. Can trigger a heart attack and anti depressant medication stop the serotonine receptor so its not legal to get someone off medication cause they could go crazy or very sad for a periods of time until the body re-calibrate. Anti psychotic are now use to treat depression, if one try to get off medication it could trigger a psychosis...

There way to treat depression, grief and Anxiety with herbal medicine and Ceremony. Old energy needing to be process love and released. I do free consultation cause I think it’s important for peoples to be more informed about their options , commitment and risk.

There is ways to get off medication working with Doctor and herbalist. I help a friend cause he was getting off anti-depressant, we used herbal medicine , he did it all naturally with herbal tinctures and exercises. We went in ceremony together after 4 months of preparation and devotion to go back to feeling and processing the emotions.

Its been so beautiful to see the magic of reconnecting with the plant world. The forest remind us who we are. Spend more time in nature or bring nature to you with herbal medicine. Elemental healing and reconnection. Its hard to keep the sanity in cities with all the energy floating around and constant movement. It Can be hard to to get real good restful sleep. Lots to understand about the environment we choose to surround ourselves in. The good good vibrations keep us balance but when one live in the middle of chaos their is ways to treat the imbalance with herbs. Serotonine and dopamine balance. But very best is to be mindful who we choose to share our energy with has an empath and when we take on unwanted energy how to clear ourself.

Message me if you have any questions.

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