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Nervous System Balance


Clarity Tincture

Calamus Roots


Formula: Calamus roots & apple cider vinegar


Clear and calm the mind and sprit. Help with communication and digestion of emotions. Help to integrate landing after use of psychedelic. 


Calamus relight the fire of expression allowing us to burn through the fug and give voice to the deepest truth that rises up through us. 


Its sweet scent engages the senses, the bitterness ground us and activates the whole nervous system that processes the sensory information coming in from the Fascia of the entire body. Pungent help focused the mind's senses and stimulate circulation to the brain.


Use if a person needs to bring their experience into expression. Emotion in motion. Speak your mind even if your voice shakes. Bring forth heart purest truth.


Help when plateau in emotional process of life to achieve new insight.


Use Calamus when things are fuggy, when it's hard to find the words to express. Clear mental fug. Open the throat and heart chakra so you can speak your heart. 

Bring you dramatically in the now.


Clear kundalini to bring pure perception and understanding


Good to use it if to high on psychedelic or for clearing the fug from the marijuana smoking.


Traditionally been used to treat dyspepsia, heartburn and indigestion.


Don't use Calamus if feeling really hot. It may overheat them and get too much agitated. 

Don't use if talking too much/opposite of what we need.  


Hot, Warming: Light the fire in the guts, heart and head. Get the blood flowing 

Bitter: Grounding, move fluid

Aromatic: Relax tensions, open things up.


Dosage: 1 TO 5 DROPS AT A TIME: Use small doses or could create liver damage



40% sca 1:1

Calamus Clarity Tincture

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