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Serenity Tincture

Blissful Nervine 

Ingredients: Bacopa plant , damiana leaves & lobelia plant


Ground person in body,  Build dopamine level, motivation and energy.  Try this first before addictive substances


Bacopa: Dopa Precursor Help increase efficiency

Damiana: Break Down Dopamine

Lobelia: Efiicient way to use Dopamine  in frontal cortex


Great for decision making, when exaustion and lost of will/motivation. 


Somaticly: Redifine who we are in the world. This tincture give a jump start to our nyobiology


When experiencing exhaustion, burnout from trauma over life time we can experience depletion of dopamine system. All decision making Employed dopamine pathways… this imbalance can be restored with herbal medicine like this formula. 


Everyday you have energy to expend. It's not the same everyday. Lesson to your body and paste yourself over time.


If challenge of execution try or recovering from chronic infection when prolactine is elevated: 3 full dropper full , 3 time a day. 


or 5 to 30 drops 3 time per day ask your herbalist


Consult your pharmacist before mixing with medication.


For herbal consultation with asaya make an appointment with

Asaya at:


1:1 40% sca

Serenity, Bacopa, Damiana & Lobelia Tincture

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