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Sensual HeArt Medicine Tincture



Rose petals

Damiana leaves

Hawthorn Berry and Flowers

40% sca 



*Rose: is the Queen of medicine of the heart, including the emotional heart. Rose helps mend those places we feel broken, inflamed, or longing for love.


*The Damiana is use to open your self to more sensations into the body to enhance sexual performance for men and women. It has also been use to help support a healthy mood.


*Hawthorn is considered a superior heart tonic by many herbalists. However, its effects on the heart are manifold. Many consider hawthorn to be transformational for the emotional or spiritual heart as well. Herbalist Matthew Becker suggests that hawthorn is specifically helpful for women with "broken hearts" i.e. for those " feeling wounded and hurt." Often the flowers and leaves are made into floral essences to address these types of emotional issues. Hawthorn is considered slightly warm energetically and both sour and sweet in taste.


Hawthorn leaf, flower, and berry have been praised over the centuries for their heart elevating properties. Believed to uplift and strengthen both the physical and emotional heart, hawthorn, as it supports healthy cardiovascular function, was also revered for ceremonial and spiritual purposes. 

Hawthorn supports healthy circulation and cardiovascular functioning.*


Hawthorn; and plants that release tension to allow the heat to flow through.


Color is an important part of the signatures of plants as well: the deep red of Hawthorn berries, for example, evokes thoughts of blood and of heat, and Hawthorn is a profound medicine for inflammation in our blood vessels.

All of these sensations change what it feels like to inhabit a body in a particular moment, which changes the way the body responds. When we feel safe and free, movement, sensation, and blood flow freely through the body, promoting healthy organ function and the growth and repair of tissues. When we feel afraid or overwhelmed, that flow is blocked. When we feel depressed, that flow is diminished.

The most salient experiences we have create the strongest memories. The neural connections created by those memories are strengthened each time we repeat or remember those experiences. Those memories, in turn, shape the way we perceive new sensations and experiences—they shape what we notice, what we register as significant, and what meaning and context, both conscious and subconscious, that we give to events in our inner and outer worlds.


Use: Dosage: 1 to 5 drops at a time up to 4 time per day





Sensual HeArt Medicine Tincture

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