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Grounding Tincture


Nervous System Balance



Skullcap leaf , Calamus Roots and Milky Oats seeds and straw, Apple cider vinegar and sugar cane alcohol





Acorus calamus:


Clear and calm the mind and sprit. help with communication and digestion of emotions. Help integrating landing after use of psychedelic. 



Scutellaria lateriflora:


Use when exhausted, depressed to relieve stress, muscular tension, pre-menstrual tension and anxiety


**Beneficial for conditions where stress, worry and anxiety cause muscular tension or pre-menstrual tension


Milky Oat Seed, Oat Straw

Avena Sativa:


Re-Aline , Support, calm and nourish  the nervous system 

Cooling and sedating


Use 7 drops to 40 drops  4 times per day

To regulate the Nervous system. Start 5 drops at the time. Very concentrated medicine. 


Use 40 drops 4 time per day if experiencing high level of Anxiety into the body.



40% sca


(3x more plants consentrate then regular tincture.

More plants , less alcohol)



Grounding Tincture

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